Why Franky Junes you Ask?


Franky? Well, he’s just a hotdog. You see, back in the day we used to call hotdogs “frankfurters or franks”, hence the Franky part.

And June? Well the beloved Irene “June” Uzzell, of Elizabeth, New Jersey, was a loving, witty and compassionate woman who unexpectantly passed away in 2002 leaving behind three sons and a daughter (Karen, my wife and Weeny Wagon partner).

“June”, as in Red Door June and Franky Junes, is simply our way of honoring her, and to thank her for what she meant to us.

After retiring from the Navy in 2008, we moved to Opelika (Rick’s hometown) from California and opened Red Door June, a bistro/coffee shop/floral company in historic downtown Opelika. Even though we weren’t able to survive the effects of the ’08 financial crisis, and closed in 2010, there were silver linings; we formed so many relationships with the great people of our fair city.

In 2021 we decided to open our food truck Franky Junes to introduce our version of good hotdogs and a different spin on the current hotdog scene in Opelika, and to reunite with our old friends, while hopefully making new ones along the way.

Why hotdogs? That’s easy. They’re a universal food item that most everyone loves to eat.

In our travels around the world, we learned that first-hand. No matter where you go, everyone has their favorite version of a hotdog.

With Franky Junes, we want to help you find your new favorite, one bite at a time!

Come check out the Weeny Wagon and the Food Truck Park, we look forward to meeting you soon!