We do a whole lot more than great dogs and burgers – with over 40 years of culinary experience, we’ve hone our skills with simple gathering to fine dining.  We can find a way to bring your special event to life on YOUR budget.

Nothing is finer than a good ‘ole Low Country Boil for family and friends in the Summer!

Some of the best Fried Chicken this side of Grandma’s house!  Add all of your favorite sides like garlic mashed potatoes, brown sugar and bacon green beans, warm homemade cornbread and iced tea and Special events call for special meayou have a Southern feast on your hands.

Special events for special people call for special meals, may we recommend our speciality of Filet Mignon? Perhaps served atop of mushroom risoto, flanked by tender honey-ginger glazed carots and a hot yeast roll.